strange error message cloudmin virtualmin centos 5.6

hi guys so check it out. I have googled I have searched the forums and found a few quick fixes but nothing answers the question of why. So do me a favor dont be a douche and post a link to a forum or a self important comment about how smart you are and I am not. If you can help answer the question then reply otherwise keep moving.

Error: Failed to lock file /etc/webmin/server-manager/virtualmin-licences after 5 minutes

Failed to lock file /etc/webmin/server-manager/virtualmin-licences after 5 minutes

This is the error in my logs this is the email I am receiving. This check is performed every 5 minutes and when I get up there is 40 -75 of these in my email inbox from my Cloudmin Host system. I have tracked this issue back and obviously the problem lies in the old licences.lock file not being removed from previously. If I delete the file using a -f command it of course removes and I am clear of the problem for atleast several hours but every single day this issue comes back. I have scheduled a command to perform hourly to remove the .lock file by force but why is this problem happening?

Here is my current setup:

  1. Dell Poweredge T710 with dual quadcore proc 100+ gigs ram 8 VMs all running centos 5.6
  2. host is running centos 5.6 with cloudmin/webmin fresh install from core

**this error is only being reported from the host machine not any of the VMs which are running core installs of centos 5.6 and virtualmin.

Okay any ideas guys/gals? If you need any further info please let me know I would be happy to supply it

Hoped maybe a week later someone may have an insight to this annoying problem. :frowning: