Strange drive behaviour.

I checked my backup logs and found:

Failed : All disks have been either excluded from the backup or are for swap

This was on a VM located on another host, NOT the master.

So with the VM in question still running I went on to check the config of that particular drive and the disk file size is empty and next to it says:

71.41 GB of 106.92 GB free on host system

So even though the “Include disk in backups?” is set to yes, I thought I would toggle it off and save it then toggle it on and save again and see if that fixes it, but each time I try to save it gives:

Failed to save disk : Missing or invalid disk size

If I enter 20 GB (That is the actual size of the logical volume in question) and save it says:

Warning - this disk cannot be safely resized.
Cloudmin does not know what type of filesystem this disk contains, and so cannot properly
resize it. This is most likely because the disk is not mounted on the virtual system.

And offers to resize anyway. if I proceed, it says:

Updating virtual disk on /dev/lv_storage/lv_ezwx …

And then eventually fails with:

… update failed : parted -s /dev/lv_storage/lv_ezwx rm 3 failed :
Error: /dev/dm-1: unrecognised disk label

I think I am making some fundamental mistakes here.

I have these three host systems set up with LVM so I have a group for system where the main LVs are for root swap etc. then another group for storage where all my VM hardrives & backups go.

When I create a VM I have been building logical volumes from old kvm images, is this the wrong approach and perhaps causing these issues?

Thanks for any direction

Most of my problems come from VMs with HrdDisks that have the size parameter blank and cannot be backed up. One of these I have now lost because I was trying to fill in the size parameter and somehow rendered the logical volume unusable :frowning:

So now I am taking down all production VMs and manually using DD to create raw image backups of the logical volumes to give me some kind of safety net while I sort out the backup/ logical volume issues .