Strange DNS issues

I have been running a CentOS server and BIND for about a year. Recently I have been having trouble with some domains and DNS records. I ran to check my top level domain and name servers, all is well. Another domain has been running fine for a year, but suddenly stopped working through Comcast and qwest, and is reporting numerous errors at i.e. it reports that the DNS servers are not responding, that there is no A record for www, etc.

Everything seems fine in the DNS record, so I cannot figure out what might be causing the trouble.

$ttl 38400
@	IN	SOA (
			38400 )	IN	NS	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	A	IN	MX	5	IN	TXT	"v=spf1 a mx ip4: ?all"	IN	NS	IN	NS

Any suggestions?


Hi Jeff,

Hmm… is it possible it was just a temporary network problem?

When I look now, those domains aren’t showing any problems using the site.

Are you still seeing issues?


Thanks for checking Eric,

I believe it was a temporary corruption of the DNS records. All is working now, but I had to force the update to make it go away.

I added a third IP address, hostname, and nameserver to my server, then modified the records at godaddy to add the third nameserver. After that update, all was fixed.

I wish I could explain it, but there were problems with many of my domains for about a week. Mostly on comcast connections, but some on qwest as well. I use openDNS on my router with a qwest connection and did not experience any trouble, but my friends in Seattle had numerous problems on both qwest and comcast.