strange Default Site behavior :*(

EDIT: (for better explanation)

I have two servers, both running the same version of Ubuntu 12.04. both running vanilla virtualmin installations;

I have backed up all sites from server A and moved to server B

upon recreation, the default website seems to be pointing to an alias of site 1 ( site1= appsrv, alias = svn)

after deletion of, the default site seems to still point to, and for some reason on port :20000 for usermin

strangely enough, the original server didnt even have usermin. ever stranger ALL the virtual hosts ARE WORKING besides the default ??

i deleted the record virtual host for svn.mywebsite org, and reset the default site to, but nothing changed, it still is redirecting to

i have restarted the machine, double checked the virtual hosts in sites-enabled… i have even changed each one so that the virtulhost tag had a * instead of the local ip… nothing. except, when i do this for each site, the Next site becomes to default. if all are changed to * in the virtualhost tag, then none of the virtualhosts work, and all redirect to usermin

this has totally baafflled me, and require some help. please and thank you in advance!

okaaaay so i noticed a small discrepancy between this server and another server I am running, where the Virtual host entry had a *, while this server has a local IP address…

i changed it to a *, and now it doesn’t do any funny/strange redirect.

it says Permission Denied.

still strangely enough, i have looked in the apache access/error logs for this domain, and in Webmin -> system Logs - > apache log

nothing! doesnt show anything anywhere!

… :S ?

edit: after i changed each one to *, than all of them redirected to usermin. this is really getting strange…

okay so i solved my issue by first deleting everything,

and restoring it all;

except this time i did Not restore the alias. i just restored all the physical websites, and everything seems to be working fine.

if this seems like it could be a bug, than feel free to view the trace logs above to end identify the error

thank you anyways

edit: deleted due to possibly security risk (such a dummy at times!) lol