strange colours appear in menu-items after update to newest virtualmin and webmin (Virtualmin Framed Theme)


I just (monday, juni 5) updated to the latest webmin and virtualmin version, 1.844 on centos 7.3. After that I experienced very stranged colours into several menuitems. for example:

  • Install Scripts > purple with blue text and red with blue text.
  • PHP Versions -> also red with blue tekst and green with blue tekst.

I like the Virtualmin Framed Theme very much, but this is nog workable.

How do I make these colours dissapear?

Many thank’s!!

I have the same problem.
How do we fix this ?

Looking at the the code #f5f5f5 is showing up as green and #d0e0fc is red very strange.

Also not a fan of the authentic-theme as its way to slow for my working environment i don’t want to be forced to use it but if we cant get a fix for this issue then it looks like I will have no option…

@pesja Have you been able to fix this yet?

I’m seeing this ugliness also and I too prefer the default theme to the authentic-theme for speed reasons. Would appreciate a fix to clean this up.

Color problem solved with last update:
wbm-virtual-server.noarch 2:5.99.gpl-1
wbt-virtual-server-theme.noarch 2:9.3-1

wbt-virtual-server-theme version 9.3 fixes this problem. It was due to a HTML validation fix in the new Webmin release. We fixed a bug in the HTML Webmin generates, but that made a new bug in the way colors are handled in the old theme.