Storing Users in LDAP, creation fails.

I have LDAP Users and Groups working properly, except that automatic group creation doesn’t work on creating new users (see my post in the Webmin Questions forum).

I went ahead an enabled Virtualmin to store users and groups in LDAP. I went to test it by creating a new account. I created the domain "mydomain.tld", Description "Test User", and Administrator Password "testing". I got the following output:

Creating home directory …
… done

Creating administration group mydomain …
… done

Creating administration user mydomain …
… done

Failed to create virtual server : Failed to modify group in LDAP database : No DN specified

Seems as though Virtualmin isn’t respecting the settings of LDAP Users and Groups. Am I missing something there?

This is a Virtualmin bug, which you can work around by removing the deniedssh group from /etc/groups . The next release (3.42) will fix it properly…

Thanks for the prompt response. Just so you know:

You have one more bug to toss in there too. :slight_smile: Manual user creation dies because it expects the group to exist, despite having set to automatically create it for you. Batch jobs work fine, and after removed the deniedssh group, Virtualmin-created users seem to work fine too.

The error, btw, is in the ldap-useradmin localization file as gsave_emod. It is listed in the function ldap-useradmin::modify_group(&oldgroup, &newgroup);

per the comments, although passing subs as arguments is a bit puzzling…?

Here’s the code snippet:

modify_group(&oldgroup, &newgroup)

sub modify_group
local $ldap = &ldap_connect();
local $base = &get_group_base();
local @attrs = &group_to_dn($[[1]]);
push(@attrs, @{$
local $rv = $ldap->modify($_[[0]]->{‘dn’}, replace => { @attrs });
if ($rv->code) {
&error(&text(‘gsave_emod’, $rv->error));

It gets called out of the virtual server module like this:

&foreign_call($usermodule, "modify_group", $group, $group);

So I’m not sure I get it. Looks right to me presuming that $usermodule is actually ldap-useradmin there.