Stopping a Virtual Server Backup

I was shooting to backup a single server, however the default option is "All virtual servers" which i failed to notice. I think that should be changed to "only selected". Seems like a more common action for that feature.

I picked the download in browser option, closed the page and its continuing to backup. Its quite a few websites.

What’s the best way to stop it, and do i need to delete the files its saving somewhere?

Virtualmin Pro 3.60 Debian.

You could stop loading the page, and kill the backup processes from the command line…I’m not sure what they’re called, off-hand, though. Maybe just “”. :wink:

There may be temp files left over…and they’ll either be in whatever directory Webmin is configured to use for temp files (usually /tmp/.webmin) or in a temporary location on /home (to allow for backups bigger than /tmp, which is sometimes on a smaller partition).