still unable to install any scripts

Hi people,
Has anyone been able to get the Vmin Script installer working?
I’ve just realised it has been almost a year since I first started trying to get a basic VMin system working.
I’ve abandoned all hope of running a Webhosting Service under it, now just trying to get the simplest thing going: Script installs.
I keep coming back and trying but…
PHPBBS - about the most common thing used on the planet - simply comes up with: “CRITICAL ERROR - COULD NOT CONNECT TO DATABASE”

I’ve done an awful lot of installs of this program under CPanel with never a hitch in my memory.
(VMin also cannot install anything else…)

Any help would be appreciated - in particular - just someone saying that they DID get it to work.
I REALLY need a bit of encouragement about now…

Hey John,
I’ve just done a test install of phpBB and it seems to work fine on a stock Virtualmin system.
This error seems to indicate your database isn’t running or you didn’t grant the domain access to use the database (this would have shown up during install however). Check to be sure MySQL is running, and if not, fire it up. Also check to be sure you’ve enabled MySQL databases for this domain.
I can say with confidence that a default installation of Virtualmin can install the phpBB script successfully, and it does work after installation. You do have to configure the phpBB instance (give it a username/password for the database, mainly), but nothing too complicated. The username will be the domain owner name (like “demo” in the case of my test domain that is called “demo.domain.tld”) and the password will be whatever you assigned for the domain (“demo” in my case). Everything else is pretty much defaults.
For the encouragement you’ve asked for, you can have a look at and see the working phpBB installation (it’ll disappear in 24 hours–but you can click your way through a fresh install and it’ll work then too). The actual BB install can be seen at this link (if you have an active login session to the demo machine):
<a href=“”>a big long link that got broken by the automatic link maker, so I wrapped it up myself</a>
I’ll need some further detail to reproduce your problem here…as I don’t see any way to end up with the error message you’re getting.