status on virtualmin on debian etch (4.0)?

what is the status on virtualmin on debian etch (4.0)?


Debian Etch works! I tried it myself today! And by works I really mean doesn’t work. I installed it off a fresh copy of Debian Etch everything went fine up until testing-time.

When I tested PHP it wasn’t functioning, I got an Internal Error or ‘500 error’ when accessing a PHP script. I feel it might be a binary problem.

I’ll definably make another post here if I manage to solve my problem as someone else might be experiencing the same one.

I’ve requested support from the Virtualmin team, i’m confident they will solve this issue promptly.

I started on Sarge and upgraded to Etch. The dovecot config was totally screwed, but I posted a fix for that, and I think it might have been fixed already. I had trouble with PHP+mysql until I realized it was looking for a php.ini in the site home directory rather than /etc.

Hey Darren,

I’m talking with your admin about the issue.

But I suspect it is permissions. SuExec is setup by default now, and group writable files will not run under SuExec. It will give this exact error message if the file is group (or world) writable. There are other possible sources of trouble, but that seems most likely.

Got it figured out.

The PHP binaries are being mis-detected by Virtualmin on Debian. The php5.fcgi script needs to call php5-cgi and it’s calling php. I’ve set Jamie onto the problem, and we’ll roll out a fixed version of the Virtualmin module in a day or so.

In the meantime, for new domains, edit /home/domain/fcgi-bin/php5.fcgi and change the php call to /usr/bin/php5-cgi. Same probably goes for php4, as the detection code is similar across both versions.

great, etch is supported now.
when I want to order there is no option for debian 4.0 (only 3.1); is that important?
I should think not, just checking.

ok. I bought a license and downloaded

but “Debian 4.0” is not in “supported”
“Don’t even bother trying it”

when can I download a that does support debian 4.0?
or is there any other way I can install virtualmin?
(don’t mind getting my hands dirty)


Hi Tinus,

Sorry for the misleading message. The EA3.9 actually does support Debian 4.0. I’ve fixed the version on You can re-download, or you can just run the one you have–the message is all that changed.

Thanks for the heads up!

beautiful. works like a charm.


Cool. Let us know of any problems you find. New systems always have a few quirks in the beginning. But I don’t expect serious issues–Debian 4.0 is really quite a solid choice for virtual hosting, and so we don’t have to do much to it to whip it into shape (3.1 had a lot more issues).

php5-cgi was not installed on my system, apparently it is not depended upon during install of virtualmin.

btw the fix works fine. (php->php5-cgi)