Status Monitors

I recently installed virtualmim (with nGinx instead of Apache) on my server, and I seem to be missing the status monitor for nginx, it was there until a rebooted the server to implement a kernel update. I’ve been through all the settings trying to find the status monitor for nginx, without avail, can anyone help me find it (see picture for reference to what I’m on about)

Make sure that the Nginx feature is enabled at System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

Also, try clicking the “Refresh system information” link in the top-right of the status page…

I’ve tried both, no joy :confused:

That’s really odd - I can’t re-produce this behavior.

Are Virtualmin and the Nginx plugin updated to the latest version?

Yup, it’s a fresh install as of yesterday, everything up to date on ubuntu 12.04 amd64!

I removed and re-installed the nginx plugin for virtualmin, that fixed it!

i seen this behavior happening, it actually appears when hitting refresh but after a while it disappears again!!
PS: i’m using a custim compiled nginx