Status Collection

Is there a trick to get the status collection to report every minute? I changed the setting from 5 minutes to 1 minute, and even restarted webmin, but the stats keep coming in every 5 minutes.

Does it require a system reboot?

Its possible that 5 minutes is the minimum it can be set to, since running the status collection program could take longer than a minute to complete.

Take a look in root’s crontab – from the command-line, you can do that by running “crontab -e” as root. Or, just go into Webmin -> System -> Cron, and look at the crontab for root.

From there, you should be able to see where “” is being called, and how frequently it’s running. You could manually change how frequently it runs from there… just be careful. If it really does take longer than a minute to run, your system could be completely overwhelmed with processes in a matter of a few minutes :slight_smile: