STATIC ip is blocking me???


have a static ip in my workplace.
VirtualMin, webmin can open all interfaces.
I can do all settings.
I can not upload from the file manager.
Joomla, OpenCart from some cms s, I made some changes from the admin panel, sometimes recorded. sometimes not be saved.
When you change ip everything is working.

I could not solve this problem.
How can I solve this problem,
Thank you very much.

Can you please re-phrase your problem? I can’t really follow you… What exactly did you try to do and what happened? What errors did you get?

Most times I get the error with fixed ip address.
for example

  • Out of WebM file manager into a site I’m uploading a file fails. (Most times)
  • I’m doing a setting in OpenCart administration screen. I click save changes button. (without changing the IP address does not record at all.)
  • An arrangement joomla administration panel, and save them I say, it gives error. (Most times)
    Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is giving error.

hot spot shield with the program, I’m changing my ip address. works without any errors.

I can not transfer files with ftp programs.
“Connection lost” error is giving.

When you change ip works.