Starting out with Google Cloud Storage


I don’t seem to be able to get Google cloud backup to work. I followed the instructions here to generate credentials at Google:, and entered and validated them at Virtualmin

At Google I created a project “Virtualmin” and a bucket “xxxxxxxxxx”.

However whenever I try to backup I get:

Starting backup of 1 domains to Google folder xxxxxxxxxx …
Invalid argument.
Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

Can you advise what I’m doing wrong!

I have:
Bucket & path: xxxxxxxxxx (or xxxxxxx/test)
Single file
Transfer each virtual server after it is backed up

CentOS 6.6
VM Pro

I have the same problem

I do not see what I have to put in fields Bucket & path.

Where I find " Bucket and path" in my Google interface Storage?

Debian 7.x
VM Pro

Any path I try does not work. On the storage browser it appears as Buckets / storagemydata



Could there be a bug in Virtualmin which is preventing it from working?