SSL wildcard certificate installed but not working

OS type and version Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04.6
Virtualmin version 6.17

Hello everybody.

I need assistance. I have a Webmin server with reverse proxy also created with Webmin. I have installed an SSL wildcard certificate on one of the virtual servers, valid for all the subdomains of my company (* but unfortunately when I try the connection in https on that virtual server (, Webmin continues to upload a self-signed certificate instead of the installed one. Why? Can you help me? Thank you!

This may or may not help but for wildcard certs I believe you need to request a certificate for both

if you havenโ€™t done so already.

Thanks Simon. This is exactly what I did when I requested the certificate, which in fact contains my companyโ€™s domain ( and the wildcard for all subdomains (*, so it should work. Still, Webmin keeps loading a self-signed certificate instead of the one I installed.

Which page did you use exactly to request SSL certificate?

Have you tried to restart Apache manually? Are there records on Apache config for the given virtual server which point to the expected SSL certificate?

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