Is there any possible to configure SSL for sharedIP for Virtual servers???.



To the best of my knowledge, having configured a few, there is no way of sharing IP’s for virtual hosts. They must have there own dedicated IP address. Something tells me this is something to do with the actual Cert config as the IP is specified when creating it.

Hope that helps, sorry its not the answer you want.

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As affordit mentioned, it isn’t really possible…at least not with the current SSL specification supported by mod_ssl. There’s much discussion of this topic here in the forums, and a search will probably give you all you need to know about why SSL on a shared IP isn’t an option. In the future the TLS specification and newer implementations on the server and client side will allow name-based secured hosting…but it isn’t available yet.

I believe it is possible to setup sub-domains which use the same IP and Certificates which may be a solution if you are trying to save money on the cost of certificates.