SSL Shandake failed (SSL RECORD TOO LONG) after changing IP address

OS type and version CentOS Linux 8.5.2111
Wirtualmin version 6.17

I changed configuration of Webmin Machine from direct Internet Ip address (directly exposed server) to local ip behind a router forwarding ports 443 and so on to the LAN ip address
I changed eth0 and routing to ip address (… ) and i cand normally access webmin interface.
when i have changed the ip the webmin server asked me to correct websites with new ip address.
i wrote the external ip address to update records of the websites.
The server acts also as name server (DNS) for the hosted domains.

now when i try to access websites remotely to the new ip address the 80 port is not redirected to SSL and giving empty directory listing page while SSL connection on port 443 report error SSL ERROR RECORD TOO LONG.
and the websites are not displayed.
what is wrong with certificates and what exatly happens?
changing ip shouldnt brake all websites and relative certificates…?

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