SSL Question

Now that I have things working I need to address SSL or maybe not.

For now I have turned off SSL in Usermin and opened up port 20000 for webmail. I will probably add SSL to WEbmin to at lest cover thee admin in cas we ever decide to allow traffice to port 10000 (WE administer the email and sites for the handful of domains on the server)

Once I start transferring domains and content from my Cobalt RAQ, I am considering re-enabling SSL. Current sites and webmail on the RAQ do not use SSL. I have more testing to do and will have my associate purchase a 50 domain regkey as I am currently just test driving this using Centos in a Virtual machine on our VMWare server.

I have been reading posts in forums and is there a guide or link to using SSL. Its obvious that is all or none or is there something I miss. Then again, if my users want webmail they can either buy a cert for their domain or accept the server generated cert as an exception and continue.

Any suggestions?


What a lot of folks do is enable SSL on one central domain – making it a "primary" domain for the server, so to speak.

And then, for any Virtual Server hosted on your server, the users would browse to:

Which you would setup to redirect to:

At that point, you only need one SSL certificate, and that covers the usage of all the domains.

You can tweak where the "webmail" URL redirects to in the Apache Website section of the Server Templates.

Okay thanks. I will give that a try as it sounds simple enough.

Cool… now is time to document and retry it once more before I order the production box and finish this project.

Thanks once again!

  • Lou

Another way: