SSL question for subdomain not on physical machine that virtualmin/webmin is installed on

I have a domain, lets say, which is hosted on my server running vm. I need to setup a ssl certificate for, but that will not be a “subserver” on this machine. It will be a separate machine with a different IP that I will be using a DNS A record to point to. The Cert will only cover this particular domain.

I haven’t actually messed with SSL certs before, besides the self-signed certs, so I have some questions and could use some guidance.

So, if I go into VM->>Server Config->Manage SSL Cert
and fill out a Signing Request for to send to GoDaddy, will this affect my current self-signed cert for the * I just need to send this cert to the people running the other server so they can cover that server but don’t want it to mess up anything on this server, or the current * domains that are set up. Yes I am using other subservers with this server if that matters.

Thank you for any help and guidance you can provide.

will this affect my current self-signed cert for the *

Nope! Generating a CSR won’t affect your current SSL certs. Your current SSL certs would only be affected if you attempt to install a new SSL cert or key onto your server.


Thank you, as always, Eric. :slight_smile: