SSL Provided by other-than-Apache Breaks Workflows

I was curious about some of the Features and Plugins, so I tried to enable Administrator’s Notes and Analytics Tracking. There is no documentation (via Search) on these features. In both cases, I got the message:

Failed to save enabled features: The Apache configuration on your system appears to be missing the module mod_ssl, which is needed to host SSL websites. If you do not plan to host SSL sites, this feature should be disabled in Virtualmin’s module configuration page.
Our servers use either F5 or Pound to handle load balancing and SSL validation, so Apache isn’t doing SSL validation. So, the error message above is incorrect in saying that mod_ssl is needed to host SSL websites.

So, is this a bug that should be reported? If not, how do I use these features in our environments where SSL is handled by other-than-Apache?

For anyone else reading along - this issue is now being tracked at