SSL Problem "Certificate and private key do not match"

Hello everyone

I have purcherd an RapidSSL and i want to install it for my domain using virtualmin

i have those menus above

Current Certificate

 Create Signing Request 	

 Create Self-Signed Certificate 	

 Update Certificate and Key 	

 CA Certificate 	

i chosse Update Certificate and Key and passt the certificate on Signed SSL certificate

and then install now

then i got this problem

Failed to install certificate : Certificate problem detected : Certificate and private key do not match

Thanks for helping me

i changed th code in the ssl.key to the CSR code that i gived to ssl provider

now i got this problem
Failed to install certificate : Private key is password-protected, but either none was entered or the password was incorrect


The ssl.key file should actually be your private SSL key.

Once you generate a CSR and are given an SSL certificate, you no longer need the CSR.

Do you have a copy of the private SSL key that was generated when you created your CSR?


i dont know … but i thought the CSR is that what i want … the private SSL dont know exactly where can i find it


At the time that the CSR is generated, that creates two files – the CSR, and the SSL private key.

What you need later is the SSL certificate which is given to you by your SSL provider, along with that SSL private key.

What process did you use to generate the CSR?


i used the ssh commands to generate CSR … but i am afraid that i deleted the private key … how could i search for the private key ? and what if i coudnt finde it

thanks erik :wink:

its work now erik thank you

i reissued a new key after i have issued a new csr and private key on my vps


It’s hard to say how to look for the key – it depends on what it was named it and where it was stored.

If you can’t find it, most SSL providers allow you to create a new SSL certificate using a new CSR, a process they call “Re-keying”.

To do that, what I’d suggest doing is to go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and to use the “Create Signing Request” screen.

That will tell Virtualmin you want it to create a new CSR and private key, and it’ll handle creating all that for you.

It’ll also make it easy to install the SSL certificate later.