SSL Not being obtained from parent


This is more of a cosmetic issue for me but was wondering why this is happening:

So I have a wildcard certificate (* and I have it applied to the top level virtual server (, I have two sub servers, and, that both have SSL enabled. What is strange is that gives the message “This virtual server shares its SSL certificate with…” while shows me the SSL configuration screen. Shouldn’t portal also be showing the message that dev.mydomain shows me?

Like I said, really just a small cosmetic thing but I like it when things flow and are consistent :slight_smile:

Any idea why this is occurring and/or better yet, how I can make all the sub-servers obtain from the “master” virtual server?


Just a little bump on this. I haven’t made any progress here yet myself.

Actually, things appear to have been made worse, now all sub servers show the SSL configuration page… What? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi ReArmedHalo,

I created an new ticket with possible an solution.