SSL Issuer organization

Hello every one
I installed virtualmin recently
and I am not an expert

I have configured my new virtual server, configured my SSL from digicert
the site was working great

I deleted the server, and reinstalled it using enabling the SSL

my problem is
the new Issuer organization is the website name and not digicert the certificate cant be configured again

please any advise

Well done, @elhassan. Welcome to the Virtualmin community.

Yes, I see. Well, don’t let that hold you up. Virtualmin supports free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt and you should use this to get Virtualmin and the virtual server (domain / website) online.

Once you have everything working with the free SSL certificate, you could engage with the CA and get them to reissue the cert that you have paid for. I believe most of them offer free and unlimited reissue of the certs.

You could thereafter apply the paid cert to Virtualmin and the virtual server in place of the free one from Let’s Encrypt.

Hello [calport]
thanks for fast respond

I though there can be a fix for an error in configuration, which will help

I am not sure / uncertain about how one might go about doing that. Perhaps someone else can suggest a way forward.

we can wait
thanks alot for the advise, I will use it as plan B, :slight_smile:

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