SSL issue

Hi guys

I’m having a nightmare and I really hope someone can help me out. I set up a server with the initial hostname of (say) It only needs to house one site.

I then got the real domain and set up the SSL certificate for Everything was running fine until it mysteriously stopped. A check of the logs was telling me that the CN from the cert doesn’t match the hostname of Addidionally, Apache was telling me the FQDN couldn’t be resolved, using

Now I have Apache sorted, the logs now say that the CN for the site no longer matches I can’t find any reference to in any config file

Could anyone please help me out? Bit of a panic and I would really appreciate it

Thanks in advance



Hmm, the issues you’re describing from the logs don’t sound like the cause of why it stopped working.

Is it all working now, or are you still having the problem?

If you’re still having that problem, what issue occurs when you try to access the website?



Thank you for your response. It still is not working

It looks like it’s loading the the self-signed cert. Visiting the website normally is fine, but view it as https and it tries to load up the cert for (self-signed from VM) not (actual cert)

Is there any information I can provide? Should I PM you the site URL?



Ignore this comment please. My 'net connection throw a wobbly