SSL certificates for Dovecot and PostFix for each domain

I had posted this into but I am getting no help a all so, perhaps someone might want to help a newbie :smiley:

In Virtualmin, If I apply one of the domain’s certificates to dovecot or PostFix via Server configuration > Mange SSL Certificates > Copy to Dovecot / PostFix,
The certificate is copied to the server itself. root/etc/Dovecot|Postfix

In practice, the entire server can only have one certificate - meaning that all the other domains will be using the certificate from last domain which copied its certificates.

This doesn’t make sense and I expected to be able to attribute different dovecot /postfix certificates to each domain. Anyone knows how to achieve this (via virtualmin UI or via config files?).

Concerning dovecot, I also adapted these instructions:

local { # instead of IP you can also use hostname, which will be resolved
ssl_cert = </etc/ssl/dovecot/
ssl_key = </etc/ssl/dovecot/

But, somehow, it doesn’t work.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance