SSL Certificate

Hi! I am about to get a client who needs a SSL certification on his domain, in order to use https:// properly without that warning from the browser.

Is there any “how to” so I can follow and properly add the certificate to his domain wich is in my Virtualmin

Thank you !


It looks like the docs we have for that aren’t up to date with the current procedure, so that need to be corrected… but they’re fairly close if you wanted to take a look:

Thank you!

I just have 2 questions:

1 - It says that I will need an extra IP. Is there any other way around? Even if I have only 1 domain in this VPS, I will need the extra IP?

2 - What if I dont Take the resulting “CSR” to one of the many companies able to create SSL certificates, but they do create a valid SSL certified? I mean, what if the certified already exists, before I set it to my VPS?


You can reuse your existing IP if you only have one domain on your VPS.

If you have an existing SSL certificate and private key, then you can go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> Update Certificate and Key in order to upload that certificate and key.