ssl certificate

Hi all,

I need help with a ssl certificate.
I’ve setup fine the ssl but now when i go to the ssl address I got this:

Could not verify this certificate because the issuer is not trusted

Why? Maybe because the "Issued to" and the "Issued by" are the same?
The address is

Thanks and bye :wink:

Self-signed certificates always issue a warning–if you don’t want a warning, you have to purchase a certificate from a trusted provider. GoDaddy is the cheapest, I believe, though the chained certificates they offer are a bit more trouble to deal with. GeoTrust is another reasonable good provider. There are many others, at varying price levels.

thanks joe :wink:
I think I’ll take it on godaddy. It’s “only” $19.99/yr

Yeah, we use GoDaddy cheap certs, too. They’re just as secure…they just require more configuration in the various services. :wink: