SSL Certificate - same Warning

I installed one SSL certificate but the browser give me same warning . “current certificate” show me correct ssl but in tab “CA Certificate” I see

Certificate authority name EssentialSSL CA
Organization COMODO CA Limited
Issuer name COMODO Certification Authority
Issuer organization COMODO CA Limited
Expiry date Dec 31 23:59:59 2019 GMT
Certificate type Self-signed

It correct? “Certificate type Self-signed”


You may need to add a “CA Certificate” along with your SSL certificate.

That’s an additional certificate given to you by your SSL company that provides a chain of trust for your SSL certificate.

Once you have that, you can add it in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> CA Certificate.


I done this , but browser give me same warning :frowning: , now I don’t know what I need to check .

Hmm, something does seem incorrect somewhere.

What about when you go into Manage SSL Certificates -> Current Certificate – what is the “Certificate Type” listed there, is it “self-signed” or “Signed by CA”?


Certificate type self-signed. Now I resolved configuring manually ssl.con and httpd.conf. Thanks for your time and reply.
The problem was the path to certificate