SSL certificate not being used

I have setup a SSL certificate to a domain setup on my server, it is signed by COMODO and should look like this (first attachment). But, it is still using a self signed certificate? Can anyone let me know where to go from here. Thank you

This domain is not the default on my server

After further investigation, I have discovered that if I delete this virtual server, it now uses the correct SSL servers! Can anyone please explain and tell me if there will be any other effects of deleting it.


Hmm, so is your domain working as expected, it’s just using the wrong SSL certificate?

If you access your domain using http or https, you receive the same website – but it’s just using an incorrect cert?

Also, which Virtual Server are you saying you deleted in order to get things working? Are you referring to the default one? If so, was that there already, or did you configure a Virtual Server to be the default?

If you’re referring to one that was there already, it’s no problem to delete it.