SSL Certificate not applied on Virtualmin 6 - Debian 9


I’m trying to add a certificate to my new server on Virtualmin 6 and Debian 9 by adding ‘Signed SSL certificate’ and ‘Matching private key’ on ‘Update Certificate and Key’ tab.
When I add them there is no error, I can found my .key and .cert files with the correct information, but when I go to Current Certificate tab I still have Self-signed for Certificate type, this not my Gandi certificate.

What am I missing? The SSL certificate and Private Key files are a copy/paste from the old server and it’s work with my old server (Debian 7 + Virtualmin 5)

Thank you

The Expiry date are the same between the both server (Aug 9 23:59:59 2018 GMT), but the new one is still “Self-signed”, is it a Virtualminbug?