SSL Certificate for Sub-Server

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help me as i’m going to be pulling my hair out soon! I have a domain (let’s call it that’s hosted as a normal virtual server. Then I have created a subdomain/sub-server called (the main virtual server) is on a static IP, I have put the sub-server on this static IP also. Now, I have setup an SSL certificate the same way as I have for all of my other domains, but for some reason this one won’t work.

From what I see, it seems the certificate thinks its * and nothing about (even though this is the domain that the SSL certificate belongs too).

I’m sorry if this has confused anyone! And hopefully someone can shed some light onto it!

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Ok, I’ve broken it down (somewhat). The sub-server is still linking to the main virtual server. IE: there isn’t a index.html in, when I do put one in, it still showed as page not found. When I put index.html in (the main virtual server) it displayed.

Can anyone give me advice on what to check?


So, you’re saying that, even when not dealing with SSL – browsing to shows the website for