SSL Certificate for mail server

Hi all,

I apologize if this has been answered, but I searched the FAQ’s and forums, not finding an answer that fits my question.

I am building a server I want to call “” I will host a few dozen virtual servers on this server, but I want them all to use that mail server name for their interaction so I don’t need to setup an SSL cert for each virtual server.

I want to get a valid SSL Cert for the server “”

I will create the virtual server “” and will have a user “”.
I will use the server name “” for both pop3s and smtps access, so that the SSL will work fine. I will also run a webmail service (looks like it will be roundcube) at “”, also for SSL to be happy.

Here’s my question: Can I generate a CSR outside of the “virtualmin system” to accomplish this?


Should I name the hostname of the system something else, and setup my first virtual server as “”?

My concern is that if I do the second way, using a virtual server, there will be problems using the server name in all communications for my virtual hosts, including how the server answers other servers. Will it use the hostname, or the name assigned to the first virtual host “”?

Does this make sense, or am I over-complicating it?




A couple of things –

While “” should resolve to your IP address, you don’t actually have to name your hostname that.

Secondly, the simplest way, IMO, to do all this would be to create a Virtual Server named “”.

With that, enable the SSL feature for it, go into Server Settings -> Manage SSL Certificate, add your certificate there, and simply use the buttons on that page to add SSL into Postfix, Dovecot, Apache, Webmin, Usermin, and such.

Also, once you have a Virtual Server setup, you can just use that domain to add your RoundCube install to.

So my vote is add one Virtual Server – and use that to do everything, it’ll be nice and simple :slight_smile: