SSL certificate for ipadress:10000?


I installed virtualmin and I am accessing this via serveripadres:10000

How can I add a certificate so that this IP adres runs in SSL modes (it does already run in SSL, but now I get an error in the browser that it is not safe).

Since in VirtualMin I have just added domainnames I don`t know how I should add a certificate for the main ipadress.

Also, would you recommend a self signed certificate or is it better to buy a certificate? The only one accessing the server is me, but I want it properly secured.

Thanks in advance!


The SSL certificate that Webmin/Virtualmin uses by default is a self-signed SSL certificate.

It’s certainly secure, and there’s nothing wrong with using that, but the browser will generate a warning about it. Many browsers will allow you to add an exception or otherwise import that certificate into your browser in order to prevent that warning.

If you want a commercial cert that doesn’t produce a warning like you’re seeing, what you can do is enable SSL for one of your domains in Virtualmin, go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and install your commercial SSL certificate there.

Then, you can click the “Copy to Webmin” button, and it’ll put that SSL certificate into Webmin.


Hi Eric,

Many thanks for your reply. Question though, I do not get the option to add an exception in either Firefox or Chrome.

Also it states:
The server certificate and website url do not match.

And when I open the certificate details it says:
Issued to: *
Issued by: *

Is this normal?


Yes, everything you’re seeing there is normal.

Firefox and Chrome have made it harder recently to add an exception for a certificate, I don’t recall the exact steps for how to do that. You may need to look for instructions on how to add an exception for those browsers.

But everything you’re seeing is normal, many folks with just one user like you’re describing just use Webmin/Virtualmin without adding a commercial SSL certificate.


Ok, great, thanks.

I found an article on how to add an exception for the certificate.