SSL certifiacate warning

Is there any way how to disable SSL certificate warning?

I got a * certificate - virtualmin reports that this certificate is for * (which is not) - that isn’t a problem - but is there any simple way how to disable warning when creating SSL enabled virtualhost?

I need this because of my clients - managers you know … They are infinitely bothering me with “very clever” problems like this one.

Tahnks a lot for any advice!


Which warning is it that you’re getting, and when does it show up?

If you purchased a commercial SSL certificate, and installed it in a sub-domain of “”, it in theory wouldn’t generate any warnings.

Is there any chance you could post the domain in question that’s generating the warning? I can use that to take a look at the certificate – you can always edit your post later and remove it :slight_smile:


I am talking about wildcard * certificate. I know that this is … not optimal solution - but we are providing our service which should be SSL secured for clients and don’t want to buy certificate for every subdomain. So we bought * certificate from godaddy. No redmine is telling me that:

In domain
The following potention problems were detected with the creation of this virtual server :

SSL cannot be enabled for more than one domain on the IP address unless a virtual IP interface or private port is enabled, or the certificate can be used for this domain. The current certificate is only valid for : *

Are you sure you want to continue?

But the certificate (as you can see on for example) - is valid for *

I can go through perl code and wipe this out, but I don’t want to do “hacking” of virtualmin, as I respect it.

If there is a way how to disable this warning or tell virtualmin, that certificate is “right” (in its limits * for every subdomain of - I will be happy.

Thanks for helping me.


I am talking about wildcard * certificate. I know that this is … not optimal solution

I actually have nothing against wildcard sub-domain certificates, they solve a good problem.

Normally, there’s no problem in working with a wildcard sub-domain SSL certificate in Virtualmin. You shouldn’t get that error message unless there was a genuine problem somewhere.

Do you happen to have a link to a site that’s secured with your SSL certificate, so that I can see what the cert looks like?


-Eric - this is site with certificate.
I have one other certificate - but it is assigned with other IP on that box.
Is there any setup for wildcard certificate? Should I supply it to virtualmin somehow?
Thanks for helping me.


Okay, so the IP address of the Virtual Server you’re trying to add the SSL cert to – is that the same IP address of the “” Virtual Server which has the SSL cert?

No, there shouldn’t be any setup for a wildcard SSL cert, though all the Virtual Servers who should get that SSL cert should have the same IP address.


Yes - virtuals has same IP address.
I know that due to specification must every virtual have one self IP address for SSL certificate. But I am not sure how about wildcards - is it all right that I have one IP for all of those virtuals using wildcard?
Thanks for helping me!!!

The following might work