SSL Cert installed - uable to https:// to server


I successfully installed a GoDaddy SSL cert a while back for my domain and am positive that it was working. My webmaster was adding new content that needs https:// and its not functional. The cert expires in 2013.

Is there a log file I can review or a procedure I can follow to research this?

I am running: Virtualmin version 3.73 Pro - system indicates updates available.

I will keep searching forum messages.



It appears as if port 443 (the SSL port) may be blocked or otherwise not available for some reason.

Is it possible that your ISP is blocking that port, or that there’s a firewall/router in your network that may be preventing access?

Also, 3.73 is a year old, you may want to upgrade that when you’re able :slight_smile: The individual jumps from one version to the next typically work pretty well. If something is going to go awry during an upgrade, it would be during a large jump in version… so don’t wait too long or it’ll get harder :wink:


Issue resolved after network firewall tech updated filters on new firewall :slight_smile:

I applied the VirtualMin updates and it now indicates version 3.77.

Thanks for your assistance.

  • Lou