Ssl ceritificate help

You should click on the Add New Record button in the control panel in the screenshot you have posted.

Then, one by one, add all the domains that are mentioned in the Let’s Encrypt error report that you had posted. E.g. is one such domain for which you must create an A record. In this way, when you fix the DNS records of the domain to include all the subdomains that Let’s Encrypt wishes to verify, you will receive a SSL certificate from them.

Do not fiddle with the records of Virtualmin’s DNS server unless you know exactly what you are doing. Your domain’s DNS is being handled by a third party DNS service provider. You must change those records, not the ones in Virtualmin.

The idea is to get the domain’s DNS records in the control panel of third party DNS service provider to reflect the DNS records in Virtualmin. That would be ideal if you must use a third party DNS service provider.

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