ssh keys and console access

Ok, so when you create an instance using an ssh key, not password is setup. Thus, when you try to access it through console, you have no way to login and unfortunately no way to set a password either, thus your forced to delete the instance and start over. I had this just happened to me when something was wrong with the network info i had assigned it (im thinking, because it was up, but couldnt access it through remote ssh.

If an instance doesn’t have an SSH password set at creation time, the password for console access gets selected randomly. It should appear on the console access page though, in the section explaining how to login via SSH …

ah, ok, hmm, for some reason that option wasnt showing in the latest version, at least not for this instance that i was having issues with. Had a lot of issues with the ajax console disconnecting and not allowing me to hit backspace. Will test it more now that the instance is working correctly.

I just tested this with Cloudmin 3.1, creating a Xen instance with no root password set … and could still login via VNC (Graphical Console) and the Text Console just fine.

Had any issues with backspace?

No, backspace works fine for me … what problems are you seeing?