SSH connection refused when using domain name


I have been previously using Putty and WinSCP to connect to my Linux 10.04 virtual server using domain name rather than IP address with no problems at all.
Suddenly now I am unable to connect using domain name only can connect using IP address

The other problem is when I browse my website through my laptop using Firefox it works fine but can not open the same site with Google chrome browser

However in the past week I was disconnected from the service for late payments for about five days
Could it be possible that when Virtualmin reconnected me they forgot to activate something?

Can you please tell us the domain name and IP address in question, so I can do some tests please?

The domain name is and the IP address is


Hmm, it looks as if your domain name may have expired.

You may want to check with your domain name registrar to make sure your domain name is still active.


While according to the whois record, the domain is registered and active, the .org nameservers cannot find it. It was renewed November 10th, so maybe the registrar in question has not yet re-enabled it in the nameservers, or something is still pending.