SSH Command Line Login

I have changed my FQDN a number of times while I have been exploring the software and have noticed that I can login as root for old host names that are of deleted and no longer exist as virtual servers.

Been searching all over webmin and virtualmin for these logins. How does the software handle who can and can’t login using SSH and the command line?

Well, I don’t know much about your setup there – but the key is simply that if a domain name resolves to an IP address, and SSH is listening at that IP, you’d be able to log in if you have the root password at that server.

So it sounds like, in your case, that the domain names, for one reason or another, still resolve to your server’s IP address.

It could be as simple as the IP address is cached in your DNS server – which could take 24-48 hours to clear.

As far as logging into SSH – anyone with a valid shell is able to log in using SSH. You can view a users shell by looking in /etc/passwd, or in Virtualmin you can see what access users created there have by going into “Edit Mail and FTP Users”.


Thanks Eric, that makes sense and it is probably less than 48 hours ago since the first change so i’ll keep my eye on it. There were none of the old servers in /etc/passwd file.

This is not related to my original SSH question but when I look under virtualmin>List Virtual Servers> and click on my main server, under virtual server details there is an administration user group. This admin user group is the same name as my original domain.

I have found under webmin>system>users and groups>local groups, a list but it does not contain the administration group. Do you know where the admin group configuration is located?

In poking around a bit, I’m not sure that I see a good way to change the group of a Virtual Server (and all it’s users, files, and directories) after the Virtual Server is created from within Virtualmin.

You can set that during Virtual Server creation (under "Advanced Options), but once that’s created, it appears that you may be stuck with that choice :slight_smile:


I managed to change it by deleting all VS’s and starting again. Not a great solution but it worked. Thanks for looking!