ssh access?


I’ve disabled ssh access by modifying custom shells, and changing to scponly.

What I want to do is enable “scp only” in “Ftp Only”. Change all accounts + default to ftp only. And still allow ssh on some accounts.

Two questions:
1 : I can’t change default account to ftp only, the only type listed is “Email, FTP and SSH”
2 : How can I modify all accounts to the new “Ftp only”? Is there a console command I can run to move all existing files? Or will they be moved when I modify the default template?

To assign shells to server owners, they need to be “enabled” and set for “Admin” on the System Customization -> Custom Shells page. Then you can assign server owners those shells in Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits.

not sure, what your motivation is to disable ssh? Most users would like to disable it, so users can not see “the other home directories”. But they still can even if ssh-login is disabled :slight_smile:

It’s a server for course demo’s for clients, where they can play around. 99.99% of them won’t need ssh, so I don’t see why I’d leave it enabled for everyone.

Really open for good clean implementations of chroot ftp/scp as well though

Oh and I forgot, thank you Locutus! :slight_smile:

If you ask the virtualmin guys why they don’t offer chroot implementations out of the box, they will tell you it is not really helpful, because it doesn’t provide any additional security or so.