SSH Access to the server

Hi, i recently installed Virtualmin and I’m having a problem when an user from a virtual server i created logins to the server through SSH. The users login fine, they start in their home folder just like they should. The problem is that if they try to navigate up they can, i mean they can go to the other folders in my server and even create and delete stuff. I read another post with the same problem only that he was concerned about the user accessing the home folder of the other users. This doesn’t happen to me, the users can’t access the folder from the other users, but for some reason they can navigate through the rest of the server. I guess this has something to do with the permissions in the folders, but shouldn’t the right permissions be set from the beginning? Should i give every folder a 750 permission? Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advanced!

Yeah, that is normal SSH behavior. It doesn’t lock them into any set of dirs – it simply allows them to view what the Linux permissions allow for.

So by default, they can’t see the files of other users and such.

A lot of dirs on a typical server allow any user to access them… and there’s nothing really wrong with that. They could accomplish the same thing by uploading a PHP app to access those same dirs.

The thing to do would be to just make sure that any sensitive data you have is restricted.


Ok, thanks for your answer. I guess i’ll have to do that. On the other hand, is there any way for me to block the access from the user using SSH and just allow him to use FTP?

Sure, you can limit how a user can log in by changing their shell.

If their shell is /bin/sh or /bin/bash, that implies that they can log in via SSH (and FTP).

If it’s /bin/false, that prevents SSH access, but still allows FTP.

You can control what shell Virtualmin gives new users by looking in System Customization -> Custom Shells.


Excellent! The more i used it, the more i love this software. Thanks!