Squirrelmail/webmail question

Hello, Erick and others:
I’m trying to figure out what the best way for users to access squirrelmail might be?
The end result, is that I would like stuff like:
http://webmail.example.com to bring users to the squirrelMail log-in page.
Also, my second squirrelmamil question is this.
I’m not as used to Virtualmin as I am with other systems like DirectAdmin, so this is why I pose the question in the first place:
I noticed that SquirrelSpell, a plugin for Squirrelmail wich enables a spell chehcking option to be allowed while composing email is not turned on in the default installation of squirrelmail via the script installer.
Is it possible to enable this?


Yeah, the Squirrelmail install would be a default installation, without any plugins enabled… but you can certainly enable any plugins that you like.

As far as how to access it – if you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Webserver, you can setup forwarding for webmail there. That will make it so that any new domain will be configured to forward to your specified URL.