Squirrelmail IMAP issue


Whenever I’m logging into Squirrelmail and sending a email to anyone the return path is set to username.domainname@domainname.com. When anyone is replying to these kind of email addresses obviously there are bounced. I want the emaill address to username@domainname.com.

The virtusertable plugin is installed and $filename attribute points to /etc/postfix/virtual where postfix does all the mapping of virtual users.

What can be the issue any pointers would be appreciative.

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I have observed that the default identity in Squirrel webmail is set to username.domainname@domain.com, if I fix it things are working fine. But fixing it on 300 users would be a tedious task. Also I think there should be a right way to do it.

Here is my findings,

When im using usermin or IMAP/POP3 on thunderbird/outlook then im able to send/receive emails normally like username@domain.com.

If im using Squirrel Mail then im recieving local emails as username.domain@domain.com

Can anyone help me to fix this please. Atleast point me where the issue is, I strongly this its Squirrel Mail issue cuz POP3/IMAP and usermin are all working fine.

I tried to change the IMAP Daemon in squirrel mail from courier to dovecot but no use.