Splitting Services to 2 new VPS

Hi all,

I am currently running a 2GB ram VPS with ubuntu 12.04 and virtualmin, mixed web and mail services in one box and medium mail traffic (about 25 domains). currently the VPS is already maxed out of resources

suppose that I am moving to a new VPS, deploying a minimum of 2 VPS
and I am thinking of splitting service, web & mail on each one, both with virtualmin installed.
How to restore the backup? should I just restore the same full backup to each VPS?.
And then reconfigure the web server to just enable web & database, and the other enable just mail ?

Will it be quite a hassle to manage, or should I stay simple knowing the nature of virtualmin is best for all in one server, just deploy a standard ubuntu + virtualmin in each VPS then import the backups, distribute it evenly to 2 VPS and call it a day :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing for the future, if you can not power up your vps.
Backup your configuration as a single backup ( webmin and virtualmin ) ( i don’t know if the backup restore the same host name of the source machine, so watch out )

After, on original vps, you can schedule a backup with an half of virtual server, and restore it on the new vps, then, you can remove from the source.
Don’t forget to fix the dns zone.

PS: If u can, build a VM on your local pc , and try … even you can buy some cheap vps to try with it

Maybe i will do it, in future… now i run fine with my vps 1 core and 4G RAM … disk is not very big … 20G SSD now … but i can grew to 2vcore 8G ram and 40G SSD