SPF Record on Virtualmin Pro with private IPs

i’m going to release a new Hosting Server based on Virtualmin Pro, right now everything works perfect and i’m migrating some domains on the DNS Virtualmin server but some changes were refused (some were ok however).
The VM server is on a private IP with a 1:1 Nat on the public IP.
DNS settings show correctly the public IP
So trying to figure out the reason of those failures i found that the SPF record shows the private IP, for example:
domain.org IN TXT v=spf1 a mx a:domain.org ip4: ?all 38400s (10h 40m).
Could be this one the reason of dns change failures?
Is there a way to show automatically the public IP?


IP MUST be the public router one.

Andrea, the best way to do this is to customize your server creation template to make an SPF DNS record with the public ip address each time a server is created.

You can’t automatically show the public IP in this situation, because the Virtualmin host has no “knowledge” of the public ip.

I’m not sure about your specific failure, but hopefully this helps.