SPF and DKIM for domain

Hi. Im trying to fix those record for my domain. When I enable the DKIM feature in virtualmin, in the email header it says neutral (no sig) So I guess thi doesnt work. Im thinkink of adding those records as TXT records in my registrar (godaddy) since I think they are the ones contrilling my DNS. So what exactly should I add there ?


When you do a “whois” of your domain, it would show a set of nameservers. Whatever those nameservers are – that’s where the TXT records need to be.

So if your domain’s nameservers are setup over at your registrar, you’d need to setup those TXT records using your registrar rather than on your Virtualmin server.

Actually, you’d want to go a step further and disable the DNS feature for your domain in Virtualmin, as it’s likely to cause trouble if multiple servers think they manage the DNS for your domain :slight_smile:

You can disable that by going into Edit Virtual Server for the domain in question, go into Edit Features, and disable “BIND DNS Domain”.


Thanks for your responses. Yes the DNS is at my registrar. I found this tut http://help.campaignmonitor.com/topic.aspx?t=100#godaddy I guess I should choose outsorced and just enter mydomain.info I cant understand this step:

"Add your DomainKeys details

For the TXT Name, enter “cm._domainkey” without the quotes. Add the supplied key to the TXT Value. Press OK. Your DomainKeys record will then be set up in the next few minutes."

How do I find what to enter for TXT name and the key itself?