Specify another directory rather than /home for websites?


Is there a way in Virtualmin to tell the system to use a different directory for a website rather than /home?

I have a partition of 20GB mounted on a directory called /extraspace and would like to use that one instead of home for new virtual servers, my old virtual servers are in /home but I may run out of space if I continue adding sites to that directory.

Thank you!


That sounds like it’s related to your question here:


Is it possible? Yes.

It is easy? No :slight_smile:

All your config files are setup to use /home already, and it’s not trivial to change all those.

However, even if you were starting from scratch, suexec is setup to work using /home, and it can take some work to get it to use an alternate directory.

Our recommendation is to do the steps mentioned in your other post – to mount your partition at another location, copy all your data to it – and then once all your data is on it, to mount that drive as /home.