spamtrap / hamtrap stopped working

Howdy folks, long time no see which means this thing just works fabulously. Still in love w/ Virtualmin, 5 years into it.

I do have one small hiccup though : spamtrap and hamtrap stopped working for me recently. At least hamtrap is a blackhole and does not redeliver messages back to my inbox.

I’m guessing it’s from the update listed here :
“The spamtrap and hamtrap email aliases now only accept mail from authenticated senders or the local system, to prevent poisoning of the spamassassin rules engine by attackers.”


Do I need to do any special voodoo if I’m forwarding emails to my hamtrap/spamtrap accounts from an SMTPS client (getting mail via IMAPS)? I usually connect to the server using the main server address, not the virtual domain address if that makes a difference. Eg. instead of

Thanks in advanced,

The hamtrap address won’t deliver email to your inbox - instead it will just tell SpamAssassin to learn that the message was incorrectly classified as spam. This will help its evaluation of future messages.

Ahh, wasn’t aware of that. I forgot I moved from a homebrew solution ( ) to the new built in support.

That explains it, thanks