SpamAssassin sometimes "delivering" spam and sometimes "throwing away" spam

I’m puzzled.

I have SpamAssassin enabled with procmail to “deliver normally”.

If I go to “Search Mail Logs” for a virtual server and tick the box to show spam, I see SOME spam with destination "Throw away (spam). And I see some spam with destination “User’s email inbox (Spam)”. And this is for the same destination email address.

The spam threshold is 5. The emails I see delivered have a score of 7 or so.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting somewhere which overrides the procmail “deliver normally” option? Say, if the score is massive e.g 15? So those ones get “thrown away”?

(Actually that would be rather a nice feature: TWO thresholds. Above one, the spam is thrown away; above the other, it just gets tagged).


I believe all those settings are set at the Virtual Server level, with defaults specified elsewhere… what I’d recommend doing is, for the domain in question – take a look at Server Configuration -> Spam and Virus Delivery.

In there, you should see what to do with “low-level” spam. There’s also an option asking what to do with spam that’s marked pretty high (but you get to set that threshold).

Does that do what you’re after?


Oh yes - there it is. I “couldn’t see for looking”!

Thanks Eric

(It’s really good to have those two thresholds)