SpamAssassin LDAP - driving me nuts!


Managed to get it working all by myself, hence the edit. When I get some time I’ll write a walkthrough for others to follow

Glad to hear you got it working… we’d certainly love to hear about how you did that :slight_smile:


Hoping you could help me with this one…

I followed the combining LDAP with Virtualmin guide in the legancy documentation section.
I have Server A - LDAP server and Server B - LDAP client. The creation of users and groups appears to be working fine as per this guide.

I have also got spam assassin to write values to the ‘spamassassin’ attribute for each user (that makes changes inside usermin like scores etc)

Issue 1.) When I log into Server A as a user from Server B through usermin, I can log in, but there is no data to display because the home path is on the wrong server.

Issue 2.) I suspect this problem leads to this one, If I email someone from Server A to Server B and that user has a virtual email, Server A is attempting to put the email on its on filesystem - again because the home path is on the wrong server. The error I get is “can’t create user output file”

Issue 3.) In usermin, once you log in, the top left corner displays your name and email address. Typically before LDAP was implemented I had name and Now I get email.address and for example. How do I fix this?

The main issue is the /home/path/ Any ideas?


  1. mount your home folder via NFS or smb mount using fstab if for any reason server restarts, it will mount FS automatically. plz make sure your ip tables are not blocking your ports, iptables had a huge issue for allowing nfs because of dynamic port selection upon start of server. if the server is behind nat & secure, try to altogether disable iptables, or other wise there are tutorials how restrict nfs to pre set of port upon start.

  2. above point will resolve your 2nd point as well, because I also have a openLDAP ring of 90 servers & I have complex set of mounts to look for such matters. But I am using AFS file system mounted across all 90 servers

  3. go to to preferences where you can do that unfortunately you have to do that, if you are using usernames pulled from openLDAP, click on address book once you are logged-on & click on create an address entry, on the right hand side, click yes / default, & save it, log of & log in it will be sorted.

continuing from point 2, you can also customise virtualmin in a way that every time you create a virtual hosting domain you can specify path where it can be located