SpamAssassin custome rules + Expressions and Header and Body Tests

Hi all,

I need help to enter custome rules under “Header and Body Tests”, I am receiving all day spam with emty subject and empty body, they are coming from my contact form. I try honey spot but it doesn’t work because spamer boot doesn’t fill any area just sending e-mail. (By the way what is the aim on it I don’t understand okay sending mail for drug or add on url I can understand but empty email…)

Whatever my spamassassin is working because my spam box I have a few standar spam such as viagra spam. My problem is empty mail keep coming. I try to understand code of spamassassin also I try them many different type with backslah forwardslash with[code1] without [code1] but I couldn’t stop this imply emty spams. Spams are coming with mails such as but I can see from information is always repeid numbers such as “58f2b56875” but always startwith “58f” so I try rule from number, from number and letter mixed too. Still they are coming.

I try wiki page and google search no result.

Is there anybody who can help to me what whould I enter as custom test to stop theese mails.
Thanks in advance

they are coming from my contact form
Sort your problem with your contact form and not with spamassassin. If you contact form is allowing empty emails that means its bad script and you should find something better, preferably with captcha and some rules you could set e.g. required fields would be one of them.